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id Dam Health risk * Cyanobacteria cell count (cells/ml) Nutrient pollution ** Last updated Partial Contact Full Contact

Based on the concentration and presence of toxin producing cyanobacteria


Based on the trophic status thresholds: very high = hypertrophic, high = eutrophic, medium = mesotrophic and low = oligotrophic

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EONEMP is implemented by CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd. and funded by the National Water Research Commission of South Africa.


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Satellite data provided courtesy of the European Space Agency

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Recommendations regarding fitness for use, cyanobacteria risk levels and trophic status are not government-issued warnings, and are the result of analysis of available data by CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd.
CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd. are not liable for any loss or damages resulting from decisions made on the basis of the information provided here.
All information is considered preliminary until verified by field observations or measurements.